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NimbleX 2008 is speedy but flawed

Posted by: on August 18, 2008 07:13 PM
I burned a 600 mb custom NimbleX live cd and was pleasantly surprised when it picked up my Belkin FD5 7010 PCMCIA Wireless G Cardbus from the get go with no configuration or ndiswrapper needed. I liked it just for that feature. It ran very well on a old Amrel Rocky II plus 500 mhz, 128mb ram, 6 gig hardrive Laptop. I liked it alot till I saw the difficulty in installing it also. It was like getting what you always wanted from a Distro like Puppy or DSL or one of the other lightweight distro's and then when you want to keep it in your system it comes up without a bootloader , etc.... Like meeting the girl of your dreams and find out she's not unavailable, you just got to climb a mountain to take her home. I, like you, hope they come up with a better way to install this distro because for old hardware it's a viable choice for small distro's. Oh well, I'll guess I'll see how ZevenOS turns out next. Happy Trails.


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