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Re(1): What a useless review

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 15, 2008 12:39 PM
It is good when Ubuntu just works. However when I first started Ubuntu a few years, they had an old version of pidgin and it kept on crashing when I logged onto Yahoo. Coming from Windows, which had the latest version available that worked fine with Yahoo this was frustrating. I eventually discovered getdeb which had the latest version.

When I switched to Gentoo, it brought back the choice in letting me have the latest version for "almost" any software I would want. It may not always work smoothly, but at least the choice is there.

Unfortunately, given all the choices, I am still stuck with a Gnome system because it is the most tolerable one of the three DEs available. So I am back to Windows to do any actual work. Windows may suck out of the box but with a few UI hacks, it becomes quite tolerable (except for the multiple workspace which is still buggy in compiz-0.7.6 and gnome-2.22


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