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Re(3): wrong-headed replacement of proprietary apps

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 14, 2008 05:48 PM
Of course, there are people who rob banks and become multi-millionaires. And there are people who work for a living. Some of the people who work for a living become multi-millionaires, while others don't. Doesn't mean all those who work for a living will start robbing banks instead. Some people have ethics. Grow up, get a clue.

Yes, excellent comparison. You're right, my taking a $200 copy of Windows to use on my own machine to learn and master so that I can then provide support to my corporation that purchases 10s of millions of dollars a year from MS is really going to break the bank of the Gates Foundation. You're right, I'm going to switch myself and my company to Linux, that should help all of the developers at MS who make a living doing it. Get a clue, your ethics are flawed and are simply a fabrication of the system to make those schlubs who never make anything of their lives feel better about themselves. "Well, I wasted my life, but at least I stuck to my ethics!" Ever think there's a reason the successful continue to get ahead while the ethical languish? It's because they know there's no karma. Lie, cheat, steal or die. If you think your way is "better", you're in for a rude awakening as those who have are poised to take everything that remains from those who have not. Medieval feudalism will look like a dream world in the next 50 years with all of those slugs saying "I wouldn't want to be rich, I have everything I need right here...."


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