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Re: Linspire is going away

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 14, 2008 05:23 PM
"As Kevin Carmony said- Xandros is probably just as dead as Linspire. The company has/had a smaller user base than Xandros. Linspire had a chance despite all the stupid things its primary investor and founded did (Michael Robertson). We had the "root" incident (mostly a publicity disaster), we had the non-free software/drivers problems (should have segregated non-free components to a repository/separate CD), amongst other issues (needed more focus on quality & integration even if they were the leaders in this area). From my understanding based on what people were saying just before and prior to it going under inside the company (for all intensive purposes that is what happened) Robertson was what held the company back all these years. The only real near-success was 5.0 that happened under Kevin Carmony. I don't think he was all that, but he didn't interfere at all or create problems. 5.0 should have been the precursor to a successful retail roll out of the operating systems in retail channels. Had the thing continued development it could have competed with Vista. It had a solid set of commercial applications available for it- and mainly needed more support from hardware companies (like HP printers need to list that it is a supported operating system) and quality check to work out the bugs (bugs that were easily fixable). Even though Linspire only ever had 5 real engineers they could have pulled it off-had they hired the right people and just let them do what needed to be done"



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