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Linspire is going away

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 12, 2008 11:26 PM
Don't get your panties in a bunch because 'supporters' are yawning and ho-huming. Xandros/Linspire/Freespire are all redundant distros with no real place in the market. As one commenter pointed out, anyone can run Synaptic (I've got it on KDE+Xandros on my eeePC and Gnome+Ubuntu on my desktop) so CnR is pretty useless. Sure, it adds the ability to PAY for software, which the Linux community has always desparately wanted (sarcasm!).

If someone were to want to pay for support on an OS like Xandros, why not pay for Red Hat or Ubuntu server, which are cheaper and more widely supported. Again the only real difference is their deal with the devil to officially support propietary codecs that everyone else already supports for free.

I also reject the notion that selling PCs to end users with Linux pre-installed is in any way vital to its survival. We've done just fine over the last decade with a small group of dedicated desktop users and a decent share of the server market. I'm already noticing the kind of retards who are 'casual' desktop users joining the community and seen the resulting troll-flamewars and angry responses from the self-entitled masses when they hit a hiccup. God forbid anyone should have to LEARN something.

My two cents, thanks for reading.


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