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Re(2): What a useless review

Posted by: Chris Spencer on August 10, 2008 06:21 PM
But the fact is that when a new version of Kubuntu (or Ubuntu) becomes official, I've never been able to update my system without breaking it totaly. On Gentoo, since 5 years, there was many major updates (GCC, modulary xorg, modulary KDE, new system layout...), and I've never encountered any serious problem, and when it was difficult to find a solution, the mailing list, the forum, the wiki, and the official doc (so good) has always gave me a key for fixing it.

Now this is what the F/OSS is lacking right now: constructive criticism. Instead of saying "Ubuntu sucks!", he just calmly pointed out one of it's shortcomings and left it at that. The F/OSS community is really lacking in the maturity department right now, and you'll find that constructive comments like that are few and far between nowadays.

Now, what you said is completely true, but I will make these 2 points:

1) Gentoo isn't really a real distro, it's a more of a meta-distro, so it will always be easier to update and cleaner to install.
2) Most inexperienced users won't have any desire to upgrade the distro anyways, as this was proven true when half the country refused to change from Windows 98 to Windows XP.


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