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Re(1): That is bad news

Posted by: Chris Spencer on August 10, 2008 06:08 PM
So what if Dell doesn't sell Linux right off their home page. Get over it. As much as I like Linux, it isn't for everyone and offering it side by side with Windows would just confuse most people, who could care less about what operating system they use as long as it works.

That's the only comment you made that I disagree with, as I find it a bit contradictory. You said that it isn't for everyone, and they don't care as long as it works. The fact of the matter is Ubuntu has better support for more hardware than Windows. Having a centralized package manager like Synaptic is much easier to use then having to tell a noob how to go to a website and download something, and make sure it doesn't require any more libraries. Linux is immune to those pesky viruses and Limewire worms that everyone seems to be catching also.

Basically what I'm saying is the same as what most people are trying to say: If Linux performs on par - and in a lot of cases better - than Windows, then why is it reasonable not to ship it. Some people make the user base argument, but how can you expect to increase the user base of Linux without selling pre-installed copies of it?


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