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Re: That is bad news

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 10, 2008 02:58 AM
> But the fact is that if somebody goes to the Dell web site with the intention of just buying a computer, that somebody will end up with
> Windows pre-installed because you have to dig very, very deeply into the Dell site - and know it's there, somewhere - to find any
> mention of GNU/Linux.

Oh yeah...'s really deep. Alternatively, and click on the first link in the Navigation list. Or go to and type Linux in the search box at the top of the page.

So what if Dell doesn't sell Linux right off their home page. Get over it. As much as I like Linux, it isn't for everyone and offering it side by side with Windows would just confuse most people, who could care less about what operating system they use as long as it works. If you feel that giving credit to Linspire is good to do, then fine, do it, but bashing Dell because they don't display Linux more prominently on their website, ignoring the fact that they have been supporting Linux on their servers for a long time with engineering resources, patches, and drivers for their hardware and now offer Linux desktops and laptops preinstalled, is just plain wrong. It was largely due to Dell making this move, that the other hardware vendors, like HP, Lenovo, and others started following suit with their own offerings. So give Dell their props for taking the first steps, and if you want to get them to do more, then support their efforts by purchasing their hardware and ask nicely.

And the first person who implies that I'm in the pay of Microsoft can bite me. I use Linux at home, at the office, and have since before RedHat, Slackware, and Debian were released (the first version I installed was version 0.95). There was even a point in time when a text file that I sent to one of the LInux mailing lists was included in the kernel documentation directory (jumper settings for the WD8013 ethernet NIC). I contributed a small patch to get mailx 4.4 to compile under Linux that Vince Skahan used to distribute with his electronic mail packages. I worked for VA Linux and Penguin Computing, and have written two books on Linux System administration that were published by Sam's Publishing.

T. Schenk


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