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Re(1): What a useless review

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 09, 2008 10:17 PM
and I add that Ubuntu is a very good catalyser for the FOSS development, dragging a new public which can invest time on Linux in general too. I have Gentoo on my personnal pc since 5 years, but prefer Kubuntu for office, because of the huge community that can port some exotic software that I need to test (many in video, and audio domain).
But the fact is that when a new version of Kubuntu (or Ubuntu) becomes official, I've never been able to update my system without breaking it totaly. On Gentoo, since 5 years, there was many major updates (GCC, modulary xorg, modulary KDE, new system layout...), and I've never encountered any serious problem, and when it was difficult to find a solution, the mailing list, the forum, the wiki, and the official doc (so good) has always gave me a key for fixing it.

Nice article by the way ^^ I can remember my first install with the minimal Gentoo CD x86 as a noob, this was my first approach of Linux, and I still use it today.


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