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Arch Linux for the DIY Linux user

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 09, 2008 07:47 AM
I've been using both Arch and Gentoo for about 5 years now. Arch long surpassed Gentoo in usefuless and stability. Here are the differences that I think separate Gentoo and Arch.

Gentoo is a bit more flexible. One may install Gentoo on more architecures such as SPARC. Use flags also make things easier, -for example, its easier to install mplayer without x11 to use w/ framebuffer than it is in Arch linux. The documentation is better than Arch's documentation and is more portable, -for example, Gentoo's install guide teaches chroot and has more detailed info on creating users and configuring grub and fstab.

Arch is faster and more stable (Gentoo has many different portage overlays with a lowered quality and consistency. It eventually accumulates and forces breakage in the operating system functionality). Gentoo's community leaders have community problems and often solve them by locking threads and kicking users and in the Arch community that is not the case. Arch leaders maintain a very accessible and friendly presence in the community. Arch is a lot easier to use, -it has one configuration file and if one chooses not to use Arch's package management and configuration tools to get things done, that's OK. Installation and configuration that is done without those tools tends to work most of the time. The analogous Gentoo scenario will usually not succeed without a lot of troubleshooting (subjective, maybe, but that's my experience).


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