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What a useless review

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 08, 2008 10:33 PM
I was a Gentoo user, liked it, but gradually settled on what apps I want and moved to Slackware. I do not recognize Gentoo in your review.

"I'd been waiting for two years for this release because I didn't have any luck with 2006.0 and didn't have time to start from scratch" Huh? What "start from scratch"? You did not upgrade your system?

"The error happened when compiling cURL. The error output die 'ldap and kerberos (gssapi) not playing nicely try version >=7.18.1'". Excuse me, how come this message can be called an error and how is it related to compiling?

"Since I wanted to test the installer as a new user might, I began emerging important components without touching any configuration files." Are you sure that what you did is what a new user might do? Or do you mean a Windows user? Or just a plain idiot? Why not try to figure out what a new Gentoo user might do?

How come that I have read your review and still do not understand if the 2008.0 image is helpful in installing Gentoo the normal way? Is it still a set of packages that can save me download time and traffic or what?

Gentoo things of interest are Portage speed, USE flags consistency, applications stability and if there are any apps that fail to get to stable on time, packages granularity, choice for slotted libraries, any changes to the layout of configuration scripts ... That is, things you do not bother to write about.

Conclusion: another review of a normal distro based on the assumption that all Linux must be Ubuntu.


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