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Gentoo's signs of declining quality control and ineffective organization

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 08, 2008 10:59 AM
I had used Gentoo in the past and I respect it a lot because 80% of what I know about Linux inner workings I have learned it on a Gentoo box. However, I am really disappointed, maybe sad, to say that I don't trust it any more.
I was long waiting for the last release because I had upgraded my rig and all attempts in installing the previous release had failed. The need if not for more frequent releases but at least to stick to the scheduled releases and not postponing them, is to cover users who have aquired newer hardware.I really don't care if a distro releases 1 or 3 releases a year. What is really important for me from now on, is if they stick to their schedule, because this is a sign of how effective the underlying project organization is.
Nobody mentioned the declining quality control. A release after many months should normally be treated as an event with major significance. In my opinion, it is unacceptable to public release non-working versions. What would happen next to the security updates, that are of lesser significance as of a major release, what about broken packages etc. Moreover, you can't really count on what is posted on the website, the 3 month delay wasn't updated for quite a few weeks, and the last months there is not any sticking to any schedule.
I do respect a lot the time of the volunteers, my comments are not for them since I believe they are doing the best. I am just saddened though, that Gentoo is just a hobby that can't be taken seriously anymore, and for the above reasons (broken confidence, signs of declining quality control, signs of loose and inefective organization) made me to move to another distribution.


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