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RPM rules in the world of 64 with 32-bit in Linux

Posted by: angrykeyboarder on August 08, 2008 10:32 AM
Debuntu's 32-bit solution on 64-bit Linux has limited use. There are still a number of 32-bit-only apps (e.g. gizmo5) that won't run without a lot of hacking.

The best solution is to abandon Debian based distros and go with RPM,. On Distros like Fedora and openSUSE you can install any 32-bit software right along with the 64 bit stuff (you know, just like in Windows Vista x64). It's much easier than what you can det on Debuntu. Untill APT is rewritten to support multiple architectures in one OS, Debuntu will be left in the 32-bit dust.


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