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KDE 4.1 rocks the desktop -- Jeremy, a bit of prudence please, KDE is a framework, not an OS! --

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 08, 2008 12:22 AM
I was greatly disappointed when I installed OpenSuse (usually one the best), because I did install it with KDE4, on the base of comments like yours: overly enthousiastic, overly optimistic! The value of Linux and FOSS is to go in opposite direction of marketing hype.
So please at the cost of moderating your infective enthousiasm, please be cautious.
The second point I would like to make, is there are two aspects in KDE.

One is its use, as an application framework, mostly libraries, to developp nice, mostly portables "extended" QT applications.
For this purpose, even if it is a work in progress, KDE4.1 is obvioulsy quite good, and solid: applications (K3B, Dolphin, andmany more) are very good.

Secondly, KDE4.1 used as a Linux Distro basic window manager/GUI system, like in OpenSuse, Mandriva, KUBUNTU, Fedora, more...
This integration requires lots of work from the "Disto developpers" and this work is largely specific to the distro environment.
For this even my recent evaluations indicates that it take a while (probably shorter than for the US to stop being an "involuntary guest" in Mesopotamia), before there is good solid (where almost everything work "out of the distro box") KDE4 based Linux.
KDE4.1 final release is pretty much Aug 1st, 2008.
The integration work may take a few months, say three or four, if the wonderful software developpers works as fast as usual (remember: it took 1 1/2 year to deliver VISTA SP1... just a bugs fix!).
To me the reference standard, could be the best existing distros Gnome or KDE3 (alphabetically: Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu, OpenSuse).
To me a mark of success will be a fresh install, which matches or top, the functionality of theses "Best Distros"....

* Easy mostly automated (and optionally manual) install.

* Most hardware is detected, and appropriate drivesr are being installed : Audio (Pulse-audio KDE mgmt), Ethernet, Video/acceleration, Wi-FI, USB, Bluetooth, Webcam. etc...

I know it will be very good... and I know it will take a lot of work!
OpenSuse may be the first one to get there...

The next 'step' will be to have a "small footprint" version of KDE4 for Flash based devices, like the very successful ASUS EEE line.
Mandriva, may be the first company to get there?

But UBUNTU probably the most usable LINUX distro "out of the box" may end-up again being the best KDE4 distro, for the person who just want to "simply use Linux".

We probably will be very impressed... again.



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