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High Noon with Smokin' Guns

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 06, 2008 05:50 PM
"Chances are that your magazine will run out of bullets soon. If this happens, find some cover (press C to duck) and hit R to reload. Some guns' magazines (e.g. your Remington revolver's) need to be reloaded as a whole, while some will take individual bullets (e.g. the heavy Peacemaker revolver or the shotguns). You can move while you reload, but you won't be able to attack in the middle of doing it, so be careful."

Thanks for the review -- a fun game, and one that will run even on my low-end hardware.

If you review any more games with guns / gunplay, you might to bear in mind that there are a lot of peculiarities in gun terminology, and dorks like me who will point out when they're not observed by writers. Specifically:
- Revolvers don't have magazines. In a sense, the cylinder is conceptually much like a magazine (in that it holds multiple cartridges), but it's simply not called that. Ask a gunnie about clips v. magazines, too, if you want to hear some true indignation ;)
- What you put into a gun isn't a "bullet," but something *containing* a bullet, which might be called a cartridge, or a round / round of ammunition. This may sound pedantic (it is!), but it's a bit like saying that you put went to the grocery store to buy a dozen egg yolks, if you bought the rest of those dozen eggs as well. A bullet *by itself* is just a small bit of metal; it won't get far without a case, powder, and primer, and it's this combination that gets loaded in a gun.


Tim Lord (timothy at slashdot)


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