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Setting up LAMP on FreeBSD

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 06, 2008 02:48 AM
Nice trolling there by the last poster.

This partisanship some of you have is killing open source software. How many people are going to want to leave the closed source world, and try to advance open source software if the people in the community are b*tching and arguing over the differences between two Unix-work-alike systems? Why not say this: if you are going to be setting up a server, or workstation that needs the most stable operating system available try something a little more traditional within the Unix world such as BSD or Solaris, but if you want to do some gaming and need an immense software repository, and a lot of varying hardware support go with Linux. Software needs vary from installation to installation, and the operating system that will be required will vary as well.

It is worth noting that many art schools in the US require their students to purchase and use Apple computers running OSX. In the business world, many people are hesitant to leave Microsoft products behind due to the need for Microsoft Office, and the integration a system running Office and Windows provides (in conjunction with other Microsoft products). In the server and research world, we find Linux and other Unix-like systems thriving. This often for reliability and scalability... as well as cost. Perhaps we need to quit eating one another alive, and focus on helping each other. What can Linux benefit from BSD, and BSD from Linux?


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