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Re(2): Linux-libre project meets rocky reception

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 04, 2008 11:59 AM
> I strongly support your action


> (but I already use debian :))

Would you be willing to help linux-libre build freed-ebian packages?

> although as it seems it won't get far.

Well, considering that it's already been adopted by BLAG, gNewSense and Musix GNU+Linux, and soon dyne:bolic and more, in just a few months, I wouldn't say that. I'm quite happy about it, in spite of Fedora's stance. And, hey!, even if Fedora doesn't formally adopt linux-libre, it was its existence that got the firmware separation project moving, and that's something that Fedora definitely wants to adopt, and that might enable 100% Free spins of Fedora down the road. How could I *not* be happy? :-)

> But what about joining gNewSense ?

Erhm... I'm already involved, to some extent, like, offering some guidance in the Kernel Freedom Verification they're carrying out and looking forward to indication of additional material that linux-libre should take out.

I'm also trying to locate people familiar with .deb building infrastructure that could help build binaries for Debian (freed-ebian) and Ubuntu (uhurubuntu; uhuru is an African word that means freedom :-). gNewSense could then use the latter right away, very much like BLAG does with our freed-ora builds, rather than creating their own builds based on older releases of linux-libre.

If you (or anyone else reading this) would like to help, please join us at

Alex Oliva


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