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Re: KDE 4.1 rocks the desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 04, 2008 09:34 AM
"I'm in favour of upgrading the technology underneath the user experience in KDE4 - but I do take offense for someone basically grabbing my favourite desktop environment by the throat, choking it until it turns blue in the face and then paint a clown face over it."

I've heard that line before which begs the question of have you tried KDE 4.1? You'll find Konq is still there and for all it's drawbacks Dolphin is far more powerful than anything in the GTK world. And the devs have listened to all the comments/complaints about not being able to set Konq as the default file manager and that will come in 4.2 along with a FolderView for those who can't live without an icon littered desktop. I can and already do. 4.1 just makes it so much easier to do that.

Oh, and for the comments about the widgets/plasmoids. At least part of the design behind that is to make your desktop your own by customizing it with available plasmoids or simply writing your own in a wide variety of languages or just by using .xml. You know, like Firefox. Which is where the idea comes from, if anywhere.

And 3.5 isn't going anywhere. There will be a 3.5.10 so no one is choking the life out of it, turning it blue or painting a clown face on it. And it certainly isn't the cripple, as you so succinctly and truthfully put it that GNOME is.


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