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Re: KDE 4.1 rocks the desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 03, 2008 09:14 PM
I'll guess that the KDE 4 you tried was 4.0.x which was a DEVELOPER release that should never have been a default desktop even at 4.0.3. Unhappy that it was? If you use Fedora then blame them, not the devs, for that idiotic decision.

I'm glad you like GNOME with all the eye candy turned on full blast and, for you, it never crashed. I've crashed it a few times but it's recovered quite nicely.

Your shopping list:
1. Stability: KDE 4.1 is stable, recovers from crashes elegantly without interrupting the work flow and goes on, much like KDE 3.5.x does.
2 Comparability: Newsflash! GNOME 2.0 broke compatibility with what came before. Don't even start to talk to me about Vista. And KDE 3.5.x apps run happily in KDE 4.1. That some apps have to be rewritten to one degree or another for KDE 4.x is hardly surprising or something to dump on it for. Animations in 4.1 run very smoothly at nearly 29fps, same as video.
3: A traditional desktop is nothing more than a folder containment with a pretty face. KDE 4 seeks to move beyond that. If you're happy with the traditional desktop then, by all means use one. Or wait till KDE 4.2 comes out with a FolderView plasmoid that gives it back to you. I don't think I'm going to use it mind you.

Some personal experience. Don't install KDE 4.1 on any Ubuntu/Kubuntu and expect it to work without a ton of work. Perhaps not even then. SUSE 11 works well out of the box though there are things I just don't like about it which have more to do with how SUSE organizes things than anything else. Mandriva 2009 Beta 1 is the most stable and usable KDE 4.1 desktop I've encountered and that's an early beta of Mandriva's next general release due in October. That's also become my daily desktop on one machine and it's about to become the same on another one.

In my experience KDE 4.1 runs as fast or faster than GNOME without the eye candy and much faster than GNOME with the eye candy. That could just be me because I haven't timed anything. With Mandriva it comes with a good number of native apps including Kontact and a somewhat improved Konsole. Amarok 2 beta runs very sweetly keeping in mind that it's really Alpha stage.

For those of you whining that KDE 4.1 copied from Vista I hate to tell you this but KDE is blisteringly fast compared to that bit of bloatware on far less resources. And it is simply a better environment. Actually KDE 4 is what Vista would like to be if it grows up.

No one is shoving KDE 4.1 down your throat or telling you you must use it. If you don't like it then don't. Simple really.


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