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Comparing apples and eggs

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 02, 2008 10:41 PM
I really, really had to laugh over the whole "discussion"...
Lots of people complaining about "app xy is still missing", when "app xy" is _not_ part of KDE at all, but separate software developed by a separate dev team.
Yes, it's annoying that kdevelop hasn't released a 4.x yet, but it's independent of KDE.
Yes, amarok hasn't released 2.0 yet and is still in beta, but amarok is not part of KDE.

It's always the chicken-egg problem; the applications come after the desktop and it's API has been released...
so instead of complaining, why don't you guys stick with your gnome, KDE 3.5.9, XFCE, Enlightenment and whatnot, be happy with it and wait until everything catches up and begins to form a usable whole?
Why must everyone wank about the things they use and like and whatnot?
Everything takes time, and if some of you had a life, you'd know that.

Seriously, I used KDE4 daily from 4.0 beta1 on, and yes it crashed.
Since then, it has evolved into something I really like and find interesting, and with 4.1 it made another huge step forward.
But of course, it still has it's flaws, and it's far from perfect - and just because it's fine for me and I like it, I don't expect everyone to agree.
I guess with 4.2, maybe even before, we will see it growing up and leave it's "kinderkrankheiten" behind, plus the advent of applications that actually use the new APIs and show the potential.
Until then, we should really stop bitching aroung and pretend to be children - and show some respect to the devs and the work and time effort they put into this piece of software; criticism is of no use unless it's constructive, and constructive critiscism shows that you respect the person you're talking to.
This can be done using harsh words (as I did myself a few lines up), but the general tone should allow the intended recipient to actually have some sort of gain from your writing and should not be repelled by ignorance and insulting.


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