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Why KDE 4.1 does not resemble Vista

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 02, 2008 01:18 PM
1: Kernel is separate and in evolution
2: KDE 4.1 is a complete rewrite - Vista is flickering
3: KDE 4.1 REDUCES usage of resources - Vista demands MORE
4: KDE 4.1 is rationalising the desktop, Vista increases clutter
5: KDE 4.1 is not forced upon anyone - it's FREE
6: KDE 4.1 is a base of future development - Vista is the end of a development cycle
7: KDE 4.1 allows users to adapt the Desktop to their needs
8: KDE 4.1 will run on multiple platforms
9: KDE 4.1 doesn't kiss and tell
10: KDE 4.1 is a future reference of desktops

To be honest - it makes no sense notifying you when 4.5 arrives - you've already seems to have missed out on the reservations in 4.0 and that the first "final release - i.e 4.1" of any software is for early adaptors. It is not expected to be perfect - it's expected not to be perfect. The comparisation with Vista is interesting in this context all the time Vista needed more than a full year before it was more or less ok. OSX was ok in version 10.5.3 - 10.5 was far from ok.

KDE 4.1 feels different because it is - you have to do things differently because the logic has changed (and that's benefit).
As regards documentation:
For applications - have a look at the application's site.


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