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far away from a KDE3 replacement

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 02, 2008 11:15 AM
* increased line spaces in kde4 konsole, and no option anymore to change that -> fewer lines in vi -> worse code overview :-/
* infantile unusable KMenu (start menu) - and even when switching to the classic replacement you will loose some important
features the kde3 version had (frequently or last used applications a.s.o....)
* no split view + tree view in the file manager
* no more fine granular distinctions between a simple editor (KEdit fast even on old machines), a full featured but lean one (KWrite)
and a IDE-like one (Kate)
* can't hide the panel
* UI in general is space wasting
* Plasma is using a different html engine, not the KDE-own KHTML
Meanwhile the most of the dominant KDE Developers are at the payroll of QT/Nokia - so its naturally that this has an influence at the direction
the KDE development takes - the dot.kde forums are censored now ...
Isn't it time for a new call: 'anybody out there interested in a OSS Desktop Environment ...?'?


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