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KDE 4.1 rocks the desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 01, 2008 11:57 PM
Tell you what, keep complaining about things you're given for free and they will dissapear. Why would the devs continue to develop things for people to use at no cost if all they get is criticism? I develop mostly closed source programs because I don't feel like spending endless hours staring at code that people are simply going to complain about. Sure if I need to write a program to suit my own needs and people want to use it then I'll release it Open Source but for the most part if I'm developing something thats going to take me weeks/months to develop and I'm not getting paid to do it, and I know that this is the reception my software could get even though I'm not charging for it why would I?

Some devs will continue to develop open source because of just how strongly they believe in it, but we don't just need SOME devs to develop open source, we need a LOT.

Just remember development isn't something you can just blink and type a few letters to acheive, it takes hours and hours of staring at code, compilation times can be upto 3 or 4 hours in some cases just to test it and find that you need to go hunt down 100 lines of code and change them, then compile and test again. I'd love to provide programs for free, but with free software comes a complete lack of gratitude these days, so why bother.


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