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Linux-libre project meets rocky reception

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 01, 2008 08:11 PM
Currently I use Ubuntu. I have an nVidia graphics card, a webcam that uses proprietary frimware, and a wireless card with the same issues.

They bring instability to my system. I do not find it convenient.

Shortly I will be swapping out my nVidia card, buying a wireless network adaptor that doesn't require firmware, and ignoring the webcam.

These devices all seem to have one big problem: no one can fix them but the manufacturer.

Sure hardware devices often have onboard firmware that doesn't need uploading and the reason to move to uploading firmware is to allow post manufacture updates. Nice theory, doesn't work because no one can update the firmware and manufacturers are only interested in updating it if it saves them in returns, not if it functions kind of sort of enough of the like time to not like cause a problem much.

Open firmware would save so much hassle because in the end the user needs power over their computer and the more power they have, the better it's likely to work for them.


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