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Re: KDE 4.1...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 31, 2008 06:45 PM
I'm rather pleased that not everyone are satisfied with KDE 4.1 - especially when it's substanciated like the comment above ;o)

My experience regarding Evolution Vs Contact is exactly the opposite - now we both have something we like ;o) I gladly agree that there are missing apps and features in KDE 4.1 and I generally believe that one should not migrate until the enviroment is ready for you or you are ready for this environment. For my usage KDE 4.1 caters for my needs (a few supplements though), others are best served awaiting 4.2 or 4.3...

Interesting comment about gadgetary behavior as well ;) Probably KDE 4.x is the perfect shop these days - as everything missing will pop up as more or less pleasant surprises rather frequently. For instance it will be exiting to see what comes out of LinuxMCE when it turns up as a distro-independent perk in KDE 4.X . It's been rather quiet for almost a year, but I'm rather confident that it will materialise itself.

Gnome didn't cut it for me either, but it appears to me that KDE have extracted the advantages Gnome actually have - and made them KDE-advantages. I allways thought that Gnome was overly easified and that KDE 3.5.x needed a thorough cleaningjob. It doesn't mean that KDE 4.1 is perfect - but it's my opinion that KDE 4.1 is a step closer to perfect than the rest ;o)

Love that one: Shiny gadget without moving parts ;o)) It makes me think back to my first LCD wristwatch - a Seiko - 30 years ago that was awesome for a kid like me!! And without moving parts! ;)) Later my preference has shiftet towards diver's models and Omega - with moving parts ;o)


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