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KDE 4.1...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 31, 2008 05:24 PM
I've been using exclusively KDE as a desktop since 2.x (don't remember the subversion) and I always liked it. Gnome didn't lured me, tried it a few times (why not?) but didn't click with me, I'm using though Evolution because I find KMail not comfortable for me (so I really didn't missed it in 4.0). There were some things though I was missing in 4.0 but then KDE team said that all shebang about the change of technology and toolkit and so on.. so I though ok.. I'll stick in there till 4.1 to get what I am missing... unfortunately still not there :(
From my perspective all they did in 4.1 is just fix what was terribly wrong in 4.0 and add a lot of eye-candy (which _is_ pretty cool), nevertheless KDE was always about functionality and configurability (the reason why I never clicked with Gnome)
Some of the things I am missing are:
- Kdevelop, which still isn't there
- Quanta, the same
- session management in Konsole, please
- the Printers management and configuration control panel, hello? there is a joystick control panel.. I mean seriously!?
- font size setting in digital clock widget.. oh come on that should be easy.. I mean do try to resize the main panel (with the digital clock in it) to fit the whole screen for some really jump up effect :O
Besides those things I find the panel settings configuration very anti-intuitive. I think that I do have pretty much experience with computers and all that, but I really had to take a trip to the www to see what the heck are those green and blue pointy things for. Whomever thought that up is really creative I must say, but ergonomically speaking.. err...
Well then some might say to stick with 3.5.x but then I need my periodically new gadgets like any normal high-tech-age dude ;) And then Gnome still doesn't feel luring, and I do get a feeling KDE went closer to Gnome with the 4 generation and XFCE gives me a feeling of KDE in the making.
So what I got in 4.1 is a new shiny gadget/toy without the moving parts in it ;)


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