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Roku's Netflix Player: a hands-on review

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 31, 2008 02:28 PM
I have 6MB/s AT&T DSL and the picture quality on mine is DVD quality. I've used my internet connection to download large files on my computer while watching the Roku and had very little to no degradation in picture quality. I also had that networking problem setting up my wireless connection the first time but instead of perusing the forums I called their support number and the guy who helped me was great. He was not reading from a script, he believed me when I told him I had verified my network configuration and all the troubleshooting I had done up to that point. He had me up and running within 10 mins. The only real complaint I have is on some of the older movies the sound is not normalized or something because the soundtrack music and sound effects is really loud while the dialog is very quiet so during Road Warrior the other day I was constantly adjusting the volume. This is the only show I've watched so far with that problem though. Considering the price...I think the Roku is the best $99 I have ever spent and would highly recommend it to anyone.


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