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KDE 4.1 rocks the desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 29, 2008 11:57 PM
Speaking as a developer some of you are pathetic, I've used KDE3.x, KDE4.0 and Gnome and I have to say I like them all in different ways. I certainly don't take anything missing from KDE4.0 as a personal insult as some of you appear to be doing.

I do agree that KDE4.x is somewhat in a bit of a beta stage at present but then most OSS is always in a constant state of development and therefore is technically always Beta, for that matter most closed source programs are in a constant state of development too and many many releases have been made with programs that aren't "ready yet". The difference? Well with Closed source/proprietary programs you normally have to pay for the privillege of using this unfinished program and when they do finish it they normally release it as the next version and at the very least make you pay for the upgrade, with OSS it gets released sure, but if it's a release version that has issues they inform you of those issues and you are free to make up your mind whether or not to use it.

Some of you seem to be missing the point of OSS, it isn't to use a program and then bag on it as much as possible if it doesn't happen to suit you. If you're not a dev or don't have anything helpful to say, then think it, don't go spouting it where people DON'T want to read it, you look stupid and ignorant. If you are a dev or have helpful suggestions then file bug reports, make informed posts on newsboards and forums such as this one.

Don't just spend your entire life defending an outdated, boring, yet stable and slightly customizable desktop like Gnome and bagging on something more forward thinking like KDE4.x. If you love Gnome because it's stable and can be MADE to look nice (Looks like a dogs ear out of the box IMHO) then use it and stick with it, well done you've made an informed decision on some software you like, want to use and works well for you.

If you don't want to take risks and try newer software that may have issues or if you don't like the look of it then fine, you don't like the look of it, it doesn't work for you, you may even be a strange person who takes the release of the software as a personal insult to your own integrity (I don't know why but these people do exist), but you know, the place to state that if you absolutely insist on voicing said opinion would be in a seperate post, made by you, which clearly has the intent of showing your opinion, not as a comment to a positive review about a product on one of the flagship websites for promoting Linux, people convert to Linux for many reasons, one of which is to join a community, no one wants to join a community that openly bickers about it's own products for no reason and appears to be full of children who can't articulate the fact that their daddy hated them (below the belt I know but it's how this sort of thing looks to the outside world, you read it and think, OMG this guy has issues that go much deeper than the software he's commenting on).

As for those who are saying it's a vista clone you obviously haven't looked any further than the standard screenshots, it has a tonne more features than Vista, is actually more stable and doesn't actually look anything like Vista other than the standard theme has a black panel, plus I'm forgetting something here, oh yeah Vista was released as a finished product that was broken beyond belief and didn't receive an update to fix things (Which then broke other things when it did come) for over a year, KDE4.0 was released with a clear advisory that it was NOT a finished product however it was stable enough to be a release instead of beta and that it would be fixed quickly, it was

/End Rant and prepares for the typical, predictable, unavoidable flaming.


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