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Well done

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 29, 2008 08:24 PM
KDE 4.1 has been available for less than 12 hours and already the moaning has started. I seriously doubt that anyone "in the public" have had time to performe at serious evaluation yet. Anyone can fire it up and start looking for items of dislike, but that's a rather childish approach. At the very least get hang of the consept.

As already stated in other comments above - it's completely free not to use.

If your opinion is that there is too much bling - remove whatever deemed excessive - or don't put it there ..... or simply grow up.

By far, the most negative issue with KDE 4.1 has been the amount of low-level rants. KDE 4.1 works fine - has great apps - looks good - are tidy - no crashes (here) - And the best part: Superb potential.


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