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Re: Veteran developer ditches Microsoft for open source

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 24, 2008 04:41 PM
ROFL. anyone who thinks there's no money to be made working as a developer with FOSS is an idiot. I "turned" in 1999 and have never looked back. The systems and architecture are more reliable. This makes your job as a developer easier. Almost every problem I've had I created myself. This makes debugging much easier since you can rule out broken (and undocumented broken stuff at that) microsoft architecture as the culprit. If you need another piece to meet requirements, you aren't forking out more and more cash for each feature, you just install it. When it takes 3 weeks to push paperwork through a buying department, this can cut your project development time significantly.

You don't have to reverse engineer undocumented parts of APIs since you can just see the source to figure out what it does. With MS it's like pulling teeth to do anything more than they want you to. There are FOSS apis for most proprietary databases so you can literally migrate in stages or integrate easily.

I could list a thousand more reasons why OSS is better for you as a developer. Suffice to say, I'll never go back. I just wish game developers would see the light, take the risk, and get off the DirectX teet. I know a lot of gamers that would run linux if their game worked as well in WINE (or was available natively) as it does on XP.

The FOSS world is about 1000x more developer friendly than proprietary OS land is...



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