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Veteran developer ditches Microsoft for open source

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 24, 2008 06:06 AM
I am sure they are not patentable. After all, once Apple sued Microsoft for copying the "look and feel" and lost. Right now it is FUD. Anybody that signs on board agrees that they have to bow to Microsoft and give up their legal legs to do what they want. Anybody that bucks Microsoft may eventually be taken to court. Assuming you have enough money and time. Microsoft can be beat on this one.

Microsoft will try to milk out all the money they can from those that will pay to "license" the ribbon look. They may never sue. If the do. They will work on suing those who will loose because they can't hire good enough lawyers or afford a long court battle. They will follow that route, till they are forced to sue someone who can stand up to them. At that point it would all unravel.

Look at how much mileage they have gotten out of the mention of "235" patents. Over a years worth without doing anything other than mentioning them once. They may be specific, 'using an array as a virtual file system to speed up lookups", or total junk like "a pointing device with buttons that click". All we know so far, is Microsoft prefers to flex it's muscles over actually using them.


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