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Veteran developer ditches Microsoft for open source

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 23, 2008 10:26 PM
I am not a programmer but just a normal user and I have to agree with the article. This is one of the best examples why there needs to be a large grass roots effort in the US for all us users out here that I know number in the millions, unlike developers that only number in the 1000's to get organized and lobby our elected officials to get the patent laws as well as the DMCA, DRM etc changed and or done away with. If the US continues to permit the patenting of software in a short period of time we will not have any options as to what OS we choose for there will only be one and that one is owned by Microsuck. I wish I knew how to get this started, anyone out there have any ideas? I think that the best way would be to organize similar to the way the political parties do things. Have a national group and regional and then local groups that the members go door to door or to shopping malls to educate the millions of sheep out there to the dangers of software patenting. We all need to band together to protect our freedoms and rights or we are going to soon wake up and discover that we have given them all up by not doing anything.


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