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FSF organizes against Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 21, 2008 11:30 PM
That page states some very scary things that are caused by people that violate intellectual property rights but they forgot to mention that downloading MP3's also makes you go blind and you grow hair on the palms of your hands and if you download movies you will cause our country to loose the war on terrorism.

It offends me and it should offend everyone else as well that mainstream news media takes the lies told by large corporations and their lawyers and publishes it as fact. ACTC is going to push this, the mainstream news media will convince people it is a good thing and the average person will do nothing to stand up for their own rights.

When I was a younger boy in school I was told that the job of news media is to report the facts and only the facts and not to form a bias to one side or the other. This is not the way things are done today.

For years now I have been seen advertisements that are echoed by mainstream news media that try to convince people that downloading movies and smoking pot are the major cause of all suffering in the world today. Ignore the greedy lawyers and corporations that just defrauded billions from the US real estate market and ignore the $30 BILLION of military weapons George W. Bush sold to the known terrorist nation of Saudi Arabia.

When the the general public is brainwashed by the mainstream news media, ACTC has already won.

Maybe mainstream news media needs to be accountable for what they say.


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