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Re(1): License?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 21, 2008 07:35 PM
That page doesn't just contain the GPLv2. It rather contains about everything law'ish the author of the page was able to remotely associate with the matter. So e.g. it has two software licences. The first of which I would not consider as being free. Reading the forums, that seems to be due to a shift in business model. Now, you're expected to pay for this service. Well, you get 30days »free« service for testing... This applies to the »Pro« variant, which is about the only one I've found to be publicly announced on their page, also there is some mention of a »Free« variant. Maybe that refers to older versions, but maybe I'm just too stupid to find it.

As for stupidity to find sth: I _was_ able to retrieve the source code by svn checkout. From a first glance, lots of things seem to be hardcoded. So it would be certainly a bit work to make the system fit for running PowerFolder on your own Server (as central Server, that is).

I'm not yet sure on the true nature of this kind of »OSS«, even less I'm sure whether the legal grounds of that whole thingy are -- err -- stable.

In this article, I'm clearly missing a discussion of the commercial aspects. E.g. the trial period. And a discussion of the security issues -- I'm supposed to transmit my documents to some anonymous (OK, OK, better put »untrusted« here) instance?



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