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Arch Linux for the DIY Linux user

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 17, 2008 11:58 PM
Many of the posts cover mostly other distros such as gentoo, but the subject is archlinux.

One omission from this presentation of archlinux in review is the Larch "Live" system permitting a Live CD or DVD or USB flash to load and run archlinux. This requires some skill not the usual burn a CD from a download but permits a user to design his own archlinux.

Another omission is the very fine application of archlinux,pacman,and a pacman GUI called ..pactrac is found in the Faunos USB flash portable operating system. It permits the download of a USB image which is entered via dd program into a 2GB flash drive(1GB minimum).

I feel this system is the easiest and fastest install of 600 pacman packages that has ever been provided in linux. It is upgradable, including kernels and runs in ram. With no hdd's enabled, can be shutdown immediately...

The Faunos system can be modified...downsized with pactrac.

I see it as an extension of KISS, the archlinux motto.


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