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Re: It's an interesting idea

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 17, 2008 08:25 PM
Well, personally I also think it's an interesting idea. However, I think that convincing people that Linux is easier than Windows will take a lot more than just getting people to use Linux for a week. Linux, as much as it's been trying lately, still has a very different mindset or "feel" than Windows does. I think getting people used to the "feel" will be the biggest challenge. Also, in general, Linux is largely an OS for people who know computers. Windows is largely built for people who don't. I read an article a while ago that I think described the challenge better than anything I've seen. ( ) I especially agree with the conclusion: "Linux won’t truly be ready for the desktop until someone computer illiterate can sit down at a the computer and with little effort do what they want to do. Erin’s intelligent, quick to learn and is reasonably well-acquainted with modern technology. If she had as much trouble as she did, what chance to the elderly or at least the middle-aged stand?"


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