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Re: Event aims to bring Lindependence to one California town

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 16, 2008 07:17 PM
I think the matter of being Microsoft-free is a matter of wanting to actually use your computer without problems. You don't see hordes of folks knowledgeable in Mac OS in most neighborhoods, but plenty of newbies (even lazy, attitude-filled Americans* ) are leaving Windows and going to Mac anyway. It's similar with any modern desktop GNU/Linux distro (e. g. Ubuntu). And in Ubuntu's case, you're up and running in less than half an hour. Try *that* with Vista!

* Yes, I'm American. And yeah, I got attitude. :-)

Speaking of support, if folks are still thinking of a typical Windows user depending on the pimply-faced 13-year-old neighbor down the street to "fix the computer" when it gets nailed by 5-10 pieces of malware or gets cloberred by "DLL Hell" (yes, that still happens!), then they'd better think again. That kid generally isn't nearly as knowledgeable as you think and usually ends up making things worse. I've had to come in behind that kid and clean things up too many times. And unless you're a lot richer than I am, don't even think of calling "Geek Squad", et. al., because those folks will charge you an arm and a leg. My uncle used to have to do that until he went with Linux last year (ZaReason). He's been a much happier camper since.

Because of this, most real-world home users who have problems with Windows just Google for the answer. Oh, wait, you can do that for Linux, too, and get better answers!



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