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Kudos to openSUSE 11.0

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 15, 2008 08:21 PM
Really useful review. Thanks. I use 10.3 with KDE having upgraded through the 10.x's and it has continuously improved. I do use the desktop as a productivity suite for office work as well as entertainment with multimedia. I didn't find the proprietary multimedia extensions a hastle to install, just part of the general setting up.
The major problems I had with 10.3 were with KDE:
- The network manager not being able to have multiple network cards and having to fudge a pptp connection by using the Gnome manager;
-The shabby Personal Organiser: The email client is very dated, the import is awful (at least from Eudora it is) and and non-working sync/calendar software was a disaster, not only could I not synchronise my mobile phone (an S-E) but also I was unable to import the events sensibly from other sources.
Its disappointing to see that 11.0 doesn't address these issues - there was talk of the new network manager being able to handle multiple devices but it appears from the review to be broken. The email client version quoted is actually an older version than that which I have on 10.3, and the sync soft ware appears to be a collection of radical ideas - doesn't look like anything useful will be around for a while.
I am going to stick to 10.3 until basic productivity stuff like networking and the personal organiser is sorted out. 11.1 please!


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