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Canadian open source community upset over proposed copyright law

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 15, 2008 04:38 AM
It's not that Canada sucks up to the U.S., quite the opposite. The U.S. bullies and threatens Canada. We don't have any more choice in the laws thrust on us by the current fascist U.S. Administration than Iraq had a say in being invaded.
When whatever little crap hole country you live in can manage to stand up to the U.S., then you can start blathering on about Canada "sucking up" to the American leadership.

The U.S. government is totally bought and sold by big business interests. They make the laws, choose the leaders, and set policy. DMCA is a perfect example of that. Those are the same companies the pushed through NAFTA so they could sell out all the American workers and replace them with cheap Mexican labour. However, the U.S. follows those laws and treaties when it suits them. Look at the billions they screwed Canada out of on the illegal soft-wood lumber tarrifs, even though the NAFTA courts ruled them illegal several times.
Now, those comapnies that rule America want to foist the same crap on Canada. After all, they can't have Canada remaining free. Having an example of freedom next door would only remind the sleeping American public what they've been stripped of over the years.



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