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Canadian open source community upset over proposed copyright law

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 12, 2008 08:34 PM
As a canadian, i can tell you that Canada has been the US lapdog since Trudeau left (dont forget the a-hole Kennedy hated Diefenbaker more than Krushev). The Mulroney (the guy who helped close down his home town for his american bosses before he came to power) years came to signify american ass-kissing at is best (the guy used to love to tell the stories how as a kid he used to sing for the wealthy american industrialists who owned his town), then when the other criminals came to power to rob the country for the next decade, it was business as usual.
Every illegal invasion the US went on, we followed. The bombing of Yoguslavia to support what the CIA had called the previous year the largest and best armed terror group in the world: the Albanian KLA? Canada was there. When Bin Laden was in Bosnia and the tens of thousands of muhajeddins roaming the country,? We never stopped them, they were on our side.
The overthrow of the legitimate president of Haiti? We held the door while the US kidnapped him?
Afghanistan? Front and center doing what our british forefather did before us.
You know why we managed to make morons believe that we arent sold to the US? Because we dont have ground troops in Iraq. Sure, we have over 1500 troops serving under US command but those dont count. Neither does the logistic support we supply or the blocade we are upholding. In the words of the US administration, we have done more for the US invasion of Iraq than ANY other country. And somehow, this proves that we are what we are.
We are a colony. A trained seal or dog which barks when its master calls.

If you want to feel that we have more power vis a vis the US that lets say Guam or Porto Rico, fine go ahead.

This country belongs to the US. Our economy belongs to them. Our resources belong to them (check the Free Trade agreement, whats ours is theirs). But every Canada day, we celebrate gaining our semi-independence from the social virus that is England when we should be crying about what happened to this country the past 30 years..
Our conservative party, which has had a long tradtition of patriotism was replaced by a bunch of extreme right republican wannabees called the Reform Canadian Alliance which place american interest first. They wanted the Conservative name so they could pass off the switch and they did. The old conservative party had just passed a motion asking for the party to study the effects of Free Trade on Canada 20 years after it was implemented and THIS is a crime. Free Trade cannot be discussed, debated or studied. 20,000 canadian companies that have gone into american hands since then, not worth even studying.

Those republicans who are now in power have nothing to do with the the conservative party which was over a hundred years old. But dont make it seem that our country was sold out by Harper. That's just idiotic.

But hey, dont forget to wave that flag next time some yank tells us what we really are.
I travel in europe and elsewhere about 4-5 months every year for business and let me tell you, the "Canada" we still think they world still sees (circa Expo '67 and Montreal '76 Games), aint there.
Most of the time its "What happened to your country? It used to be a fair and decent country."
Of course, they also remember when during the Trudeau years we had flirted with the non-aligned countries.
Now, we are seem as their lackeys.


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