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One live DVD, one ton of Linux games

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 08, 2008 08:58 PM
There is no shortage of linux games, but there is shortage of HIGH-QUALITY games for linux. I mean big commercial games like Age of Kingdom, Medieval II Total War, or Delta Force seris.

Except for a few commercial games like UT, or ex-commercial ones such as Enemy Territory, most linux games lack depth in contents and high-quality graphics/music is almost absent.

This is absolutely correct. The highest quality games on linux are not listed above, because they are commercial. Yes, I have tried nearly every quake I II and III mod out there, but realistically, none are up to par with modern games.

IMO, the best (read: high quality) games for Linux right now are along the lines of Savage 2, Enemy Teritory: Quake Wars and Penumbra to name a few. Aside from these the only games my friends and I play on Linux are running under WINE.

There is no sense making commercial games for Linux. If a Linux user could afford $100 bucks, they would buy Windows. Since they don't have $100 for Windows, they certainly won't blow $30+ on a game.

Maybe you'd like to buy a second hand no-longer-usable-because-of-activation copy of Windows XP SP2...? No? You are 100% correct, I can no longer afford to buy an operating system, but not because of the price - because I would lose far too much productivity on that ancient desktop environment.

Good day to you, sir.


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