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Re: Hardly a feature-for-feature match

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 03, 2008 09:51 PM
ble ble ble, you can put this open software in your ass. Mozilla fundation is a normal company which earns milions and milions dollars. Opera runs on any system that practiclly exists. you name it: windows, linux(fedora, ubuntu, red hat, mandrake etc...), unix, windows CE, Brew, symbian, etc etc etc. All together about 19 platforms. Shit it works even on the fridge from I think samsung. They have opera mini which works perfectly on mobile devices and can synchronize your bookmarks with the desktop browser. This is by the way a hammer feature. Leave firefox turn on over nigt you will see how much it is worth. peace of junk. About the other features, you can write widgets in java script for opera. Which is more elastic language than C or C++. You can download for totally free all the widgets from opera community site, Opera is also free. No charges no adverts no nothing. And one more thing. To sell a browser to vendors like telephone companies, or game platforms( like nintendo wii) the browser must by tested by hundreds QAs for thousands hours. This is why I choose opera, couse it is safe and hight quality product for absolutelly free.


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