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Re: Win4Lin 5.0 makes big improvements

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 03, 2008 02:28 PM
"...One of the reason to use Linux is to ditch Windows, why do we insist on trying to find ways to run Windows apps on Linux. I can't think of one Windows app that I can't find a FREE alternative for on Linux..."

I work in the two-way radio industry. We sell, and service, the radio gear used by police, fire departments, ambulance services, etc. All these radios require a Windows application for initial configuration prior to delivery and for post-sale service support.

There is now SOME GNU/Linux functionality for a few of these Windows apps with the advent of wine 1.0, for example.

Without finding some ways to run Windows apps on GNU/Linux, almost 100% of the emergency services communications infrastructure throughout the industrialized world will remain entirely dependent upon Microsoft's Windows monopoly. In the United States, for example, the Department of Homeland Security now mandates selection of P25 compliant radios for federal funding, and of course, state & local governments are dependent upon federal revenue sharing for much of their operational expense.

Certainly, OpenOffice, The Gimp, etc., are viable alternatives to Windows only applications, but there remains large segments of society where particular software applications have become absolute requirements, and where no alternative to the Windows application exists.

The ideal solution would be for the manufacturers to release GNU/Linux compatible versions, but going back to the 1990s, they have refused.

Boycott isn't practical, because when you need an ambulance, it isn't acceptable for the ambulance not to show up because your city and its local service support companies
have agreed to refrain from using Windows dependent products.

So, the need exists for ways to run Windows only applications on GNU/Linux.


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