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Re(1): Opera 9.5 gives Firefox 3 a run for its money

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 03, 2008 10:56 AM
"1. If the company behind some proprietary software goes out of business, the codebase can effectively disappear. After a while, no upgrades. no fixes, etc. No ports to other architectures. (Intel x86 will not be the only big-selling architecture forever)."

That's not a problem - you simply switch to another »better« browser. Basicaly every browser has the same layout, the difference lies in add-ons and aditional features, that are not always useful. Talking about Firefox it's worse than Windows. How? Both have some options easily available and both have way more hidden options (registry in windows, and the »about:config« page). Why is it impossible to change the amount of simultaneously downloaded files in a options window? Why do I have to search some cryptic names at the about:config page?


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