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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 02, 2008 10:11 AM
OK, people, calm down a bit.

Most of the users (including me) do not have ANY of these problems. Some do. Windows NEVER configured my display correctly either. At the end, everything comes down to hardware. If you have supported hardware (like I do), then Ubuntu is a breeze. And the already included applications are top. I admit I had a hard time changing my habits to use these applications, but at the end it pays out.

The reason Windows may appear to work, it because if a hardware behaves non-standard, it just doesn't cares about it, until you install the driver. Linux is not that forgiving. For example, many people have ACPI problems, because of bugs in their BIOS not implementing it correctly. Windows doesn't care, until you install the driver, but Linux fails. If a hardware advertises a standard it should support it correctly, period.

On a side note, Windows does not boot correctly on everything either. I recently bought a MSI Motherboard and a AMD Phenom processor with it. Guess what? The installation hung at detecting hardware. Surprise. I had to disconnect ALL USB devices to get it boot, and took me 3 hours of googling! Ubuntu didn't have that problem.

The key is that a normal Joe-average would NEVER install a operating system himself. I know at least 20 people, who do not know how to install Windows either, why do you think they'd have more luck with Ubuntu?

If Ubuntu would be pre-installed on the computer you would buy, you 10 points would not exist. But until this happens, Ubuntu will always be difficult to set up, just as Windows is difficult for me. I could rave endless hours about 10 things wrong with Windows, but guess what? I don't do it, instead I do something about it. Ranting doesn't help anyone, not even Microsoft.



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