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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 02, 2008 06:52 AM
The ten sticking points is a nice start. I'm retired from AT&T and worked in unix from it's beginning. I've prodded several new computer users into installing ubuntu, and helped them get their systems working reasonably well, and have only recently installed it on one of my own systems. In my opinion the problem boils down to a single one and that is finding access to knowledgeable help when trying to solve a problem. A vast amount of documentation exists, and sometimes is conflicting or difficult to understand. Forum help is often quickly acquired, but sometimes the desire to help another does not match the ability to help, and often we have been left high and dry with an even worse problem needing to be resolved. Another place we have tried is the IRC channels, and there also the help often matches that received on the forums, if any can be obtained. Depending on the hardware you have or the software you are trying to use, some individuals have very little difficulty while others have an enormous amount of difficulty. Currently my friends and I all have unresolved problems, and I am treading a thin line trying to keep them from giving up on Ubuntu, especially when they see that I continue to keep a WindowsXP OS on my systems to get around problems that I've been unable to resolve using Ubuntu. None of us are gamers so that eliminates for us what appears to one major complaint over moving to a Linux OS. One thing I would like to see is IRC channels related to specific areas of problems. Often the traffic is enormous and you can spend hours waiting to see if someone might be able to offer help related to your problem.


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