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Kudos to openSUSE 11.0

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 01, 2008 06:02 AM
I have installed OpenSuse 11 after 2 years of distro hoping and i have to say that This is the Best
Distro i have tried in a long time. I didn't like Opensuse 10.3 only because the package manager was slow, but in
OpenSuse 11 it is 10 times faster! This distro does have a couple of bugs that i've noticed, like i get a crash when i search
from the Kicker Menu sometimes, But bare in mind this is a .0 release, and there is alot of bug fixes on the way. It is not fair to judge
A distro when it is only JUST came out, Ubuntu Hardy is still full of bugs and it has been out for a couple months now, I am confident
That by 11.2 release This release will be as Stable as the 10.3 Release of OpenSuse was. I havn't run into any major problems, Everything
seems to work perfect for me, and This is Definatley My Permanent Desktop for Linux. I am using the DVD Kde 3.5 version, I'll wait a few months
before converting to Kde4 although i think they have done a great Job with KDE4 version of OpenSuse from the current state of Kde4. Its the best KDE4
Distro available at the moment.
Hats off to OpenSuse 11


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