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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 30, 2008 04:08 PM
Have seen quite a few of these 10 points pass by, so I wholly agree with your analysis. For me personally, there are two main reasons why I'm still tied to Windows:

Number One - and this is a big one: the auto-update system, designed to make life easy for the layman, has on more than one occasion succeeded to make Ubuntu unaccessible. On one occasion, with Ubuntu 7.10 I never got it running again (not even a fresh install...), had to wait until 8.04 before it worked again. So until I'm certain that my system won't go bust on the day that I need tot deliver that one important report, I'm sticking to Windows for my main OS.

number two: maybe a little more exotic, but to me it's quite essential: I use my PC as a DVD-player. In Windows, when I open a video file - no matter if I use MS MediaPlayer, WinDVD, QuickTime or a Firefox plugin - the video opens in a small window on my PC screen and fullscreen on my tv. Haven't been able to reproduce that in Ubuntu yet.

Oh, and one more annoyance - not a dealbreaker here, but why is the (Linux/Ubuntu?) marketing always so proud about not having to restart your system as often as Windows? Since the release of 8.04, every time I start up Ubuntu there's a new kernel, or an update to Compiz, or some other system update that promptly yells at me that I need to restart... definitely more often than in Windows!


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