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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 30, 2008 09:44 AM
Screen setup.
How does Ubuntu fix this? Why is it that some monitors are correctly detected? Is this something along the lines of other hardware? I mean some monitors are plug n play. Is it a lack of driver, or the monitor doing something non-standard or what?
Boot Management
Isn't this an issue because people are dual-booting with Windows? Especially Windows overwriting the bootmanager?
System -> Preferences -> Partition Editor is on the live cd (it is the program gparted.)
A simple utility for mounting/unmounting would make sense during the install sequence itself, where changes are being made.
Yep, disabling software mixing is routine for me
transitional option or tweak if it is widespread would be good.
Power Management
Can't comment. As the feature such as power scaling works like charm. I just turn off my machine when not in use. It boots fast enough that I haven't even tried to suspend.
You can quote me on this, and feel free to point out an exception. Importing data from any Microsoft software into something non-Microsoft is hard. I don't think it will get better without reverse-engineering a solution of some sort.
They should fix these problems. People want their system to just work. I agree. It should be intuitive, and help easy to access. Jumping through hoops to make their network work, I'd argue the current free support forums or pay support would be less frustrating overall. Take update manager for instance. When is the last time an Ubuntu user has been required to modify /etc/apt/sources.list to go from one Ubuntu release to the next? (i.e. replace instances of warty with breezy.) Years. Let's just get the issue ironed out, find a new and better way. Current Ubuntu users shouldn't need to know about /etc/apt/sources.list. I'm expecting with newer releases people won't have to care about /etc/X11/xorg.conf. :) Just as those that don't need to unmount their cdrom manually, and can now hit the eject button. Or how about copying files from a CD/DVD were always read-only? Ubuntu has come a long way. Seriously.
Building from source
There are users that just use what's in the repositories and get security updates. Anyone can package new software. There are backports or places like getdeb. Barring the developers themeselves hosting an Ubuntu package. A maintainer could volunteer for that. Example: Wine.
I don't think this is a job for Ubuntu itself.


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