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Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on June 28, 2008 07:30 PM
Excellent! Thanks for a great analysis of this distro and its problems. This distro really needs an objective assessment to expose the areas that need improvement. Until then, I think they need to soft-pedal the idea that *buntu is the be-all, end-all *nix install. (I think I'll TM that phrase. It's kinda catchy.)

I've tried installing various *buntu versions on various archs. I think I had maybe one real success on a G3 iMac w/Kubuntu (go figure!!!). But all the Intel and AMD stuff had display problems, net problems, etc just as you've identified from the forums. I've always had more success w/distros like Zenwalk, Vector, and more recently PCLinuxOS. I'll be trying the latest releases of Vector and Zenwalk soon to see what's shaking there, but I have to say PCLinuxOS has been installed and is running fine out of the blocks (not box, it's a sprinting metaphor, analogy, simile, whatever) on several boxes/laptops.

Re another distro for those who like Debian... check out Sidux. Cutting edge Debian with stability. I'm running it on a Dell (no comment) Inspiron 1501 w/Broadcom wireless and ATI and AMD 64x2. Now this is a 'special' piece of hardware and I wouldn't expect any of the easy-install and setup distros to work on it. But the 64-bit *buntu installs did pretty well. The display (again, ATI) was predictably a problem. Also the wireless and that's because Broadcom is not playing nice with the OSS community (hence, the need for ndiswrapper and all that). However, the one *buntu install I expected to have the most agreeable experience with (ie, Kubuntu) ran like it was on i386 arch w/128MB of RAM. After that install disappointment, I discovered Sidux.

To finish up my comment, let me say that I realize it's possible to CLI a way to a solution for most if not all the install problems, but that's not in my quest. I'm looking for a distro that I can begin installing for all my friends and family with predictable results without any need for resorting to the CLI. So far my results suggest that *buntu isn't that distro. It's close, but PCLinuxOS seems to produce more predictable results. YMMV.


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